Brick-making is a resource-intensive process in terms of usage of raw material, energy, etc. With newer technologies, improvements in older technologies, and more efficient processes in place today, there is immense scope for saving energy and reducing the environmental impacts associated with brick-making.

The evolution of resource-efficient bricks over the years is seen as a major innovation in the brick-making industry across the world. This is because the manufacturing process consumes less energy and is benign to the environment in several ways.

As a knowledge and training portal, BRICKGURU aims to provide technical and technological know-how of resource-efficient bricks to three categories of users.

  1. Brick producers (existing/established, prospective/new)
  2. Brick users (builders, contractors, architects, consultants, building owners, home builders)
  3. Authorities and others (policy makers and stakeholders in federal, state, and local governments; stakeholders in industry associations, civil society organisations, others connected with brick industry and construction industry).

If you are a brick producer, BRICKGURU will equip you with practical and directly actionable information, knowledge, and training to make you better at all aspects of resource-efficient brick production.

If you are a brick user, BRICKGURU will help you select, buy, and use resource-efficient bricks that will not only suit your needs but also save you precious resources leading to economy in construction.

If you are a policy or decision maker or regulator from federal, state, or local governments, BRICKGURU will support you with ideas, suggestions, and guidance for formulating conducive policies for manufacture and use of resource-efficient bricks.

Just click on the button for your category, explore, and soak in what you want – from these pages exclusively organised for you!

The content of BRICKGURU is structured around and tailored to the specific needs of each of these three categories of users. The content coverage includes:

  • Brick manufacturing processes and technologies
  • Kiln operation
  • Kiln upgradation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pollution control
  • Production of resource-efficient bricks
  • Applications and uses of resource-efficient bricks
  • Regulations
  • Markets … and more!

To access this content, sift through the following knowledge- and information-sharing avenues of BRICKGURU:

  • Knowledge Briefs
  • Case Studies
  • Tools
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars
  • Training and Events Information
  • Suppliers Directory
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  • Discussion Forum
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  • News

BRICKGURU is being developed in phases, and there will be gradual and progressive rollout of various features as well as content. Do keep visiting BRICKGURU regularly to stay abreast of the latest developments. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.