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As demand for bricks continues to grow, major changes are happening in and around the brick industry – stricter regulations, more efficient technologies, increasing production of resource-efficient bricks, and so on. Yet, considerable uncertainty prevails for most of the brick industry, with questions galore, information scattered, guidance wanting, and training out of bounds.


  • a comprehensive knowledge and training portal on the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of energy- and resource-efficient brick production and use – technologies, processes, uses, markets, regulations, and more…
  • your one-stop source of information that is authentic, comprehensive, credible, matching your needs and expectations, easy to comprehend, and directly actionable.

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Brick Producers

How to produce resource-efficient bricks?

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Brick Users

How to select, buy, and use resource-efficient bricks?

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Authorities & Others

How to formulate enabling policies for manufacture and use of resource-efficient bricks?

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